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Life's busy...and complicated. We get it.

Hard to get in for a counselling session?
Can't get away?
Need very flexible hours?
Don't want the stress of coming in?
Anxious about being in a room with a counsellor?

Try Online Counselling.

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is counselling sessions preformed over video conferencing media using the internet.  We use JaneApp for confidential video calls to protect your privacy.

Others prefer phone calls, or to exchange emails and texts. Let us know what works well for you!


Why is Online Counselling Beneficial?

  • There are many benefits to counselling online.

    • In the comfort of your own space

    • Able to schedule sessions that work for your calendar

    • Feel safe with a screen as a barrier

    • Get to the truth quicker when not so worried about social graces, be yourself more readily


Who Can Use Online Counselling?

Online counselling works well for teens and adults, ages 13 and up.

Try a 25 minute, free consultation to check if it may work for you! Contact us.

Your Confidentiality is Important to us.
While we use approved, encrypted, and confidentially-compliant communications, any information shared over the internet is not neccessarilly confidential. Talk to us about your concerns.

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