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We are a Canadian-based wellness, coaching, counselling, therapy and healing practice that offers online and telephone support. We offer services, events, information, conversation and resources to help navigate through difficult emotions and challenges. With everything that's going on in the world, we're here to connect you to a community of mindfulness and balance. 


Check out our podcast, "Life Hacks from A Counsellor," our information-packed blog, and Art Therapy Centre.


Online Clinical Counselling, Therapy, Coaching, and more.

What separates our counselling services from others?

At Bring to Balance we ensure that we:

  • Allow for the space to feel

  • Encourage self-reflection

  • Encourage noticing shadow and projections

  • We  call you out on what we are noticing

  • Offer support around making positive changes

  • Provide psychoeducation

  • Offer concrete tools  

  • We are also kind, sensitive, comfortable to be around

  • Clients can access free virtual presentations, talks, and meetings as added wellness value




What Services are Offered?
  • Online clinical counselling
  • Coaching
  • Online group support
  • Telephone/Email support
  • Clients access free e-presentations, live talks, and free visualization & meditation meetings.
30 minute consultations are completely free of charge - try it out!

Meet our Counsellors

Get to know our counsellors, coaches, and healing staff to help decide who may be a good fit for you. 

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